Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An issue that has been primarily dominated by the religious groups has taken another direction. This month, mainly in areas of the city with higher black population concentration, a number of billboards had appeared about the abortion issue.



Previous discussions against free access to abortions has been between religious groups on one side and groups supporting adult woman’s right to make choices about their lives. The billboards now focus on the fact that the percentage of abortions for black women is higher than the general population would suggest. The promoter of these billboards claims that it is a racist activity that has encourages black women to seek abortions. The claim implies a motive to control the black population. My interest is that the groups may have concluded that race is more important an argument than the religious consideration of the soul of the unborn fetus. I think that they may actually have more impact with this line of thought than with the religious argument.
The race issue is something that has been addresses in many court actions. Race is easier to identify with than a religious faith. Statistics are more readily available as even cited in the linked article. But where are the accepted statistics on the number of souls lost by abortion. There are none because there is no definition that is accepted by both sides of the abortion argument.
The argument now becomes whether the people supporting abortion are actually racially motivated. Without researching specific documentation, I feel their argument will fail when we take list for financial supporters of “Pro Choice” groups and compare that with list for supporters of various racist groups. I propose that there is limited overlap between these groups. I think a strong correlation would be found between groups that have actually fought for racial equality and groups that are ‘Pro Choice.’

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